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Disciple Making Church began in September 2005. They desire to be a revival model church through evangelism for unbelievers and disciple making ministry (Mat. 28:18-20). The goal is to build up 300 small group leaders who can reproduce within 10 years. Because of the transient nature of college students the need for financial support is ongoing.

In Seattle, there are about 2,000 Korean students. Disciple Making Church shares the Gospel with them, and then trains them to reach out to students who come from many other countries. The main focus is ministries for youth and collegiates as an effective strategy for local and world mission.

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disciple making church leadership

Doo Man and MeSook Seo

Lead Pastor



The Seos came to America as missionaries from South Korea in March 1999 for Disciples For Christ International ministry. For the last seven and a half years they have worked for the University of Washington and other colleges. Doo Man and Mesook have two beautiful daughters, both currently in college.