eaglewing fellowship

EagleWing Fellowship is a community of followers of Jesus growing together in their relationship with a real and loving God. They are casual and non-traditional. They believe church is not a building: church is us. People of all walks of life are welcome, no matter where they are on their spiritual journey.

There are many in South Snohomish and North King Counties seeking fellowship and looking for a unique casual place to fit in. EagleWing believes their purpose is not only to grow together, but also to serve their community. They are called EagleWing Fellowship because they know God is always faithful to lift us up; they are growing in love and connection to one another.

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eaglewing fellowship leadership

Walter and Pat Fletcher

Lead Pastor



On New Years Day 1993 Walter Fletcher retired from the US Navy after nearly 22 years of military service. While in the service he was licensed to preach in 1976. Since leaving the Navy he has worked in various Information Technology fields and is now a system analyst on contract with Microsoft.

In 2006 Walter felt the Lord leading him to minister to motorcyclists and began to work with the local Harley Owners Group. In May of 2010 however he felt he needed to move to another level and approached his pastor for assistance in starting a biker church. EagleWing Fellowship was launched on April 3, 2011.