kaleo church

Kaleo Church, based in Tacoma, WA, seeks to re-image the local church where the perception of “church” is not a location or building, but rather God’s people on mission together in efforts to make joyful, passionate Disciples of Christ. An expression we use to describe the life of our community is “scattered and gathered.” Just as inhaling and exhaling are vital components to breathing, we believe the pattern of scattering and gathering to be the lifeblood of our community life. We embody this pattern at Kaleo by understanding the need for multiplying churches on mission throughout the city; and recognizing the importance of cultivating gathered times of celebration, healing, and fellowship on Sundays. Kaleo Church places high value in 6 areas: Authenticity, Community, Diversity, Discipleship, Mission, and Renewal.

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kaleo church leadership

Kevin and Candice Yi

Lead Pastor



The Yi family returned to the Pacific Northwest in 2013 after nearly a decade of pastoral ministry in Massachusetts and Arizona. This move signified a culminated time of change where God’s handiwork was distinctly evident. During this transition a beautiful calling took place as their hearts were increasingly challenged by the needs around them. After many months of listening to God’s people, serious contemplation, and heartfelt prayers, they acknowledged and embraced God’s call to begin a multiplying church where: Through the power of the Gospel – Lives are transformed.