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The Mountain Church is in the process of being planted in the city of Des Moines. In the early spring of 2015, 6 people began praying for a gospel movement in Des Moines that would bring life transformation, community formation, and peace and prosperity to the city. As they continued to pray, more individuals, couples, and families became interested in the mission and vision for the future. In January of 2016 the team began gathering each week at the Englehart's to share a meal, study how the gospel changes and shapes everything, and begin to live out the vision of "a gospel-centered family." In May, the gatherings had outgrown the Englehart's house. They needed to find a bigger space that would facilitate the adults and many young children and allow room for growth. Since the first Sunday in June 2016, The Mountain Church has been gathering at Highline College. They are continuing to lay the foundation of the church as they prepare for launch of public worship gatherings. 

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mountain church leadership

Daniel & Stephanie Englehart

Lead Pastor


Daniel Englehart serves as the founding pastor of The Mountain Church. Daniel grew up in West Seattle and would have rather done anything else than be a part of a church. Daniel loved playing sports, watching the Seahawks or Mariners, or sleeping in more than being with the church. It wasn't until high school that Jesus saved Daniel from the legalism and moralism he believed was Christianity. Prior to faith in the gospel, he believed that his identity, worth, and goodness was found in what he did or did not do. The gospel transformed his heart, mind, and identity and by God's grace he continues to explore and apply its implications and claims to his life. Since being transformed by the gospel, Daniel loves the Church and preaching the message of Jesus' life, death, and resurrection to transform, change, and shape everything. In 2011 he married his high school sweetheart and began teaching the Bible to youth and college students. The Engleharts moved to Des Moines and began the process of planting The Mountain Church in 2015. Besides Jesus, the church, and his family, Daniel loves Des Moines and food.