newstory church

NewStory Church is a spiritual family planted within southeast Seattle's diverse community of Skyway. We are a place where unattached individuals, broken families, ordinary people, and folks who consider themselves "far from God" can find belonging, experience the goodness and redemption of the Heavenly Father, and discover the significant work that He has for them to do. We recognize the serious condition our neighborhood is in, and we take serious responsibility to follow Jesus here. We strive to hang on to the good news, love our brothers and sisters fiercely, fight for one another's good, and make disciples in every place we go.

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newstory leadership

Jared & Corrie Burwell

Lead Pastor


Jared and Corrie Burwell have lived in the Seattle area for many years. Corrie was born and raised here. After serving on staff at another church in Renton for four years, they were commissioned to plant a church where the gospel had made little impact. They fell in love with the urban neighborhood of Skyway and are now raising their family there. Jared has worked multiple jobs while planting the church, knowing that the dynamics of this neighborhood called for a slow, trust-building approach. They are excited to see the work grow in impact and multiply in disciples. Jared and Corrie have six children: Collin, Moriah, Alaina, Megan, Jasmine, and Mika.