Redemption Church

Redemption Church envisions a local body…

  • where believers are built up in their faith and equipped for ministry producing a healthy church and changed lives.
  • filled with people who are enthusiastic to share the gospel and reach unbelievers through personal evangelism and personal invitation resulting in many coming to faith in Christ.
  • characterized by multiplying disciples, multiplying community groups and ultimately multiplying churches.

Who They Are:


They are transformed and shaped by the gospel.

The gospel is the heart of who they are and what they do. The gospel is not merely the starting point of the Christian faith but is the means by which they continue to grow and mature in Christ. Moreover, they believe their lives individually and corporately should display the beauty and power of the gospel.

They seek to proclaim the gospel when they gather, continually apply the gospel to their hearts, help their brothers and sisters apply the gospel to their hearts and live out the implications of the gospel on a daily basis.


They are brothers and sisters in Christ.

Their life together as a church is characterized by the reality that God has adopted them into his family. God is the Father, Christ is the elder brother and their fellow members are brothers and sisters in Christ.

Spending time together is essential to who they are. They place a high value on their time together during Sunday gatherings, member meetings and small groups. Through their church covenant they commit to loving, serving and caring for one another.


They are ministers of the gospel and missionaries to their community.

Every member of their church is a minister of the gospel and a missionary to their community. God has given spiritual gifts to every believer and calls them to use their gifts to serve and build up the church. He also calls every believer to participate in his work of spreading the gospel in order to make followers of Jesus.

They encourage every member to serve the body in meaningful ways so that their church will be healthy and vibrant. They also encourage every member to pray for non-Christians in their life with the hope that they will be able to share the gospel with them and invite them to the Sunday gatherings.


They share God’s compassion for the poor, vulnerable, and oppressed.

God’s concern for the poor, vulnerable and oppressed is central to his character and nature. As a church family, they desire to reflect the heart of God as they seek to serve those in need in their community and around the world.

They seek to share the love of Christ by serving others, helping to meet their basic needs and working for their well-being. In partnering with local and national organizations, they give time, energy, possessions and money to help people in need with the hope that they will know the love of the Father.

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Redemption Church Leadership

Mike & Geneiveve Purcell

Lead Pastor


Mike grew up in West Seattle and Geneiveve grew up in Anchorage, AK. Mike and Gen met at Northwest University in Kirkland, WA where Mike studied Biblical Literature and Gen studied Psychology. Mike and Gen have three kids - Ellie, Norah, and Silas.