soundside church

Soundside Church seeks to engage the communities of Northeast Tacoma and Federal Way with the love of Christ, that they might enjoy new life in Christ. The over 110,000 people that reside in this area seem to be enjoying life, but a deeper look reveals lonely, hurting, and disillusioned people. Rather than seeking God, they desperately seek satisfaction through the many distractions of their affluent culture and the abundant natural beauty of the Northwest. Soundside Church desires to engage the community, serve with excellence, and share the deeply satisfying experience of a life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ.

Soundside’s broader vision is to lead people become disciples of Jesus Christ, and go on to plant further Gospel-centered communities of faith in Tacoma, Seattle, throughout the Northwest, and up and down the Pacific Coast.

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soundside church leadership

Aaron and Nichole Carpenter

Lead Pastor


Though they both grew up in Michigan, Aaron and Nichole didn't meet until they attended college in Florida. Aaron was preparing for pastoral ministry and Nichole was working on a music degree in piano proficiency; before it was all over, both had fallen in love. After graduating from college and seminary (MDiv), Aaron and Nichole moved to Alabama where he pastored a church for nearly 9 years. 

Nine years of ministry and three kids later, they begin to feel God's calling to plant a church in the Pacific Northwest. In August of 2015, God eventually led them specifically to Northeast Tacoma, a community they immediately fell in love with.

Aaron and Nichole are the parents of three children: William, Alayna, and Wesley. They love to use their passion for music and theater in the community and are active participants in the local schools.

Jim and Adrienne Barnes



Jim and Adrienne also met in college. Though Jim was from South Carolina and Adrienne was from Ohio, they fell in love after meeting each other in a vocal instruction class. In 2002, Jim and Adrienne graduated from college with degrees in Theology and Voice Performance, respectively. After earning his MDiv from seminary, Jim and Adrienne packed up their two children and moved to Texas to attend seminary where Jim earned his Master of Arts in Theology. 

Jim and Adrienne then moved to South Carolina where Jim had the privilege of pastoring the church he grew up in. After four years of pastoring, God began to lead them to join Aaron and Nichole on their journey of church planting in Northeast Tacoma. 

Jim and Adrienne have four children: Carter, Campbell, Carson, and Cate. Jim and Adrienne both work full-time at Tacoma Baptist School. Adrienne uses her vocal abilities to lead all of the choirs at Tacoma Baptist School while Jim serves as the Campus Life Director.