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From some of Christ’s earliest teachings to the final commission of His disciples, Christ confronted His followers with a charge. This charge did not call His followers to hide in the shadows or protect a secret that had been shared with them, rather His charge called them to be a light that would be seen by the entire world. The Christian LIFE was never intended to be a secret life but it is to be lived on full display for the whole world to see, that many might give glory to God the Father. This then is the vision of Summit LIFE Church, to live out our faith before men, Declaring God’s glory and Demonstrating His grace. Our job is not simply accomplished through our word, nor is it completely fulfilled in our deed; our purpose demands our all. This message of God’s glory and grace must be declared and demonstrated from the mountain tops so many might hear and respond to this message of LIFE. Similarly, the mission of Summit LIFE Church is to make disciples from all ethnic backgrounds and mobilize them for LIFE. We believe a person finds abundant LIFE when they: Love God passionately, Invest in others selflessly, Fulfill your calling uniquely, and Embrace God’s mission completely.

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Summit life leadership

Will & Tiffany Forrest

Lead Pastor


Will & Tiffany were both raised in Nampa, Idaho and met long before either of them had ministry on their hearts. Will met Tiffany through her twin brother in 5th grade. As they say, “The rest is history.” Shortly after graduating high school, Will and Tiffany married and started a small construction business. Will and Tiffany celebrated the birth of their oldest daughter Mariah in 2007 while trying to navigate life as young marrieds and business owners. In April 2009, God led Will to serve the local church through vocational ministry. During this season they became acutely aware of the unique needs of widows and orphans. While celebrating the birth of their son Luke in 2009, they began the paperwork to grow their family through adoption. In 2013, the Forrest family landed in Seattle, WA with the newest members of their family: Kiah and Jenessah. To say Seattle has a special place in this family’s heart is an understatement. The Northwest is not only home to the Forrests, it is also where they became a family of six. Both Will and Tiffany love Jesus and have partnered together as they have adopted

an “On Mission” approach to life.