Thank you for your interest in church planting in the Northwest.  Below you will find the materials necessary to begin your application process. The following is a general summary of the typical application / assessment process:

  • 1. Northwest APplication Materials

    Please begin by completing the following 5 pieces of the Northwest application materials.  The same application can be submitted for planting opportunities throughout the Pacific Northwest (including Seattle and Portland) and the Vancouver BC area.

    1. West Coast Church Planting Application (Can be completed online or click here to download the pdf.)
    2. West Coast Confidential Questionnaire (click to download)
    3. Resume (if available)
    4. Sermon audio / video (web link is ideal)
    5. Family photo
    Please submit all of the above items to Natalie Hammond.
  • 2. Register with NAMB

    Click the image and register at as a planter, apprentice, or intern.

    Please make sure you list "West Region", as well as any specific Church Planting Catalyst / Send City Missionary you are working with. If you are applying for a Send City (Portland/Seattle), please note that also.

  • 3. Follow-up

    A follow-up phone interview with a Church Planting Catalyst will be scheduled once all materials are received. Once materials are reviewed, and it is agreed to proceed, the Catalyst will request a link be sent for NAMB’s online application and assessments.

  • 4. NAMB Online Application & Assessment

    Use the email link you receive from NAMB to complete NAMB’s online application. NAMB's application must be completed before we can proceed further. Once you submit the application, NAMB will process references and run a background check. (Please personally contact your references to ask them to complete references/tools in a timely manner.)

  • 5. Online Ministry Safe Training

    Use the web link emailed to you from NAMB to complete the online Ministry Safe Training.

  • 6. Online assessment

    If no red flags arise from the previous application items, NAMB will then email you a link to complete their online assessment tool. At the link you will log in / register and pay the fee ($129 married / $69 single). Then simply walk through the online steps to complete the assessment. You will have 60 days to complete them, after which they will be closed and you will have to restart and repay to take them. Please be diligent to complete them in a timely manner.

    The online assessment includes many assessment tools, including a marriage assessment tool and a 360 inventory. Spouses will need to complete a portion of the assessments (as indicated in the tool), as well as multiple observers. Please keep that in mind as you are planning the time it will take to complete the tool.

    If you ultimately plant with NAMB they will reimburse the online assessment fee. If paying the initial expense is a hardship for you, contact us.

  • 7. Read LIfe on Mission

    Read Life on Mission by Dustin Willis and Aaron Coe.

    Then complete the Expectations Survey and email to Natalie, in preparation for the Church Planter Assessment & Development Center.

  • 8. Review & Invitation to Assessment

    All your application materials are reviewed by the Church Planting Catalyst(s). If a decision is made to proceed, then an invitation is issued to attend the in-person Church Planter Assessment & Development Center (CPADC).

  • 9. Planting Projector

    With coaching from your Church Planting Catalyst, work on gathering the needed information in order to complete the Church Planting Growth Projector. Click the image to download a Word Doc of the questions included in the projector tool. Once the form is complete, seek preliminary approval from your Church Planting Catalyst.

    After attending the in-person assessment, and pre-approval from your Catalyst, you will submit your final projector online.

    NOTE: All planters need a Sending Church and at least one Partner Church in order to obtain final Planting Projector approval.

  • 10. Church PLanter Assessment & Development Center

    The in-person assessment is for both candidate and spouse, and is invitation-only. It is a 2 day event involving multiple couples and assessors.

    For upcoming assessment center dates and specific schedule, please contact us.

  • 11. Field Visit

    A field visit is conducted to determine planting location (this may take place in tandem with the CPADC).

    If looking at intern or apprentice positions, at this point we would also determine which church you would intern/apprentice with.

  • 12. Local Field Approval

    At this point, the decision is made by Catalyst(s) and Convention Church Planting Director to partner with you, and the planting field is agreed upon.

    NOTE: This does NOT mean you are NAMB approved yet!

  • 13. Final Approval Steps

    • Complete position request form and send to Natalie Hammond. She will use this to submit a position request and assessment summary to NAMB. 
    • Complete your Planting Projector Tool online (click on the picture to go there now). BE AWARE that there are multiple steps to this process, and you are not finished when you hit submit
    • If you have not completed the online Ministry Safe Training, do that now! 
    • Communicate to your Catalyst that you have completed all the above steps and make sure nothing else is outstanding that might delay approval.
  • 14. NAMB Approval

    You will receive a "Congratulations" email from NAMB, confirming your approval and funding start date.

    Congratulations! You're official!

  • 15. Next Steps

    Work with your Church Planting Catalyst in your new focus area to develop your initial church planting strategy. As you do, take into account the information provided on the Decided page, including the Decided Process Checklist (click on the image to download).