Future Church plants

There is a great need for churches of all kinds to be planted in the Greater Seattle area.  Below are just a few of the many locations and types of plants needed. 

african american


Cascade-Fairwood is mostly unincorporated and home to many families, both young and old. Home to more than three thousand African-Americans, Cascade-Fairwood is a commuter area with a large population of white collar workers.

Des Moines

Long considered by its residents to be one of the local leaders in culture and art for the Puget Sound, Des Moines’s residents are mostly upper middle-class empty-nesters. The city has a beautiful beach area and the marina is at the heart of it’s city life.

East Hill-Meridian

A growing district of Kent, East Hill-Meridian is slowly developing its own identity and forming it’s own council. Located in the middle of several major cities, it is a gathering place for commuters and their families, young and old.

Federal Way

A large and growing city in between Seattle and Tacoma, Federal Way is a diverse middle-class city with a focus on the family. They consider themselves local leaders in terms of environmental policy and community.


The sixth largest city in the state and third largest in King County, Kent has been steadily growing both in population and influence for the past twenty years. The people of Kent are focused on personal growth and new experiences.


Located between Tacoma and Olympia, Lakewood is the host community to the Lewis-McChord military base and Camp Murray. It’s people are a mix of young people and families in low-income housing and middle-aged empty nesters.


Parkland is just outside Tacoma and is home to Pacific Lutheran University and McChord Air Force Base. With a majority of its residents young singles and couples just starting out or middle-aged singles and couples settling in, Parkland is a dichotomy between higher-than-state-average education, but lower average income.


Beacon Hill (1st or 2nd generation Asian plant)

Located in southeast Seattle, Beacon Hill is a small neighborhood bordering the Seattle core. With an elevation of over 300 feet, Beacon Hill has beautiful views of downtown and Elliot Bay, and features a diverse range of shops, restaurants, parks, and cafes.

Multi-ethnic, English Speaking

Rainier Beach (Multi-Ethnic Family plant)

Rainier Beach is located on the southern edge of Seattle, bordering unincorporated King County. As with many city neighborhoods, Rainier Beach is in the middle of its neighborhood revitalization plan. The neighborhood is gradually improving as a result, with new businesses and renovations happening all the time.

Skyway (Multi-Ethnic Family plant)

Unincorporated Skyway is large and multi-faceted. Home to a wide variety of ethnicities and cultures, the residents are more loyal to their communities than to Skyway in general. A great location for a multi-ethnic, family oriented church.

Brighton (Asian and Multi-Ethnic Family Plant)

The area of Brighton, also known by the names Othello and MLK (Martin Luther King) @ Holly Street, is a neighborhood in South Seattle notable for its quiet, tree-lined streets. Thanks to the recent additions of several bus lines and a light-rail station, Brighton has also become incredibly convenient as well. It is an excellent example of an ‘older’ style neighborhood in Seattle.

White Center (Multi-Ethnic Hispanic and Vietnamese plant)

White Center has become a hotbed for local community activity to mitigate noise from SeaTac and clean up the neighborhood. Ironically, an influx of hipsters have been seen migrating to the area. Big name foundation donations are also bringing changes to the area with green jobs and community learning centers.

Columbia City (Multi-Ethnic family plant)

Located in the Rainier Valley area of southeast Seattle, Columbia City is a historic district and one of the most diverse areas in the Northwest. Its main artery, Rainier Avenue, is lined with cafes, restaurants, boutiques, art galleries, bike shops, community service centers, and the headquarters for the Freedom Socialist Party.

Green Lake (Multi-Ethnic Singles and Couples Plant)

Centered around Green Lake, this neighborhood is a relaxed urban area featuring a mix of restaurants, grocery stores and schools. The neighborhood has easy, quick access to Seattle and the rest of Seattle also loves heading to Green Lake Park when the sun is out.