Network leader school

For more information about any of the upcoming trainings or to schedule one for your area, please contact Natalie Hammond.


What is Network Leader School?

Network Leader School (NLS) is a training for church planting missionaries/strategists, CP network leaders, directors of missions, pastors of reproducing churches, missions pastors, or anyone who wants to develop their own church planting strategies and systems. There is something for both new and seasoned network leaders.

NLS is directed by Gary Irby, Church Planting Director for the Seattle Church Planting Group (SCP) and includes a great cast of experienced and effective presenters. SCP has extensive systems in the areas of:

  • Prayer Recruitment/Assessment
  • Training
  • Focus Communities
  • Partnership Development
  • Support/Administration*

*Includes coaching, church planter gatherings, family events, block party trailers, portable baptisteries, online giving site, loaner equipment, and an optional fee-based service called “The Hub” that provides print/web design, database control, finances, contributions, payroll, taxes, project management, phone services, and more.


The NLS is a two or three-day intensive through which participants immerse themselves in learning, planning, and implementation. This process allows participants to jump years ahead by building on the experience of others who have spent more than a decade in developing church planting strategies and systems.


NLS will include many of the following topics:

  • Strategy/system development and implementation
  • Prayer support
  • Recruitment, application, & assessment
  • Farm systems
  • Training
  • Partnership development and materials
  • Outreach methodologies
  • Web development & usage – Main site, giving site, individual church plant sites
  • Communication strategy & tools
  • Coaching
  • Church planter gatherings, spouse networks, and family events
  • Caring for CP wives
  • People search/focus communities
  • Organic planting
  • Advocates (aka volunteer strategists)
  • Multiplying churches/networks
  • Resource development & deployment
  • Administrative hub
  • Giving site and other stewardship development tools
  • Denominational resources and processes
  • Ethnic strategies/resources
  • Church planter round tables


If you have questions or are interested in scheduling a NLS in your area, please contact Natalie Hammond.