Financial Giving

The Puget Sound area is one of the top 10 most expensive places to live in the US. There are more millionaires per capita in the Seattle area than anywhere else. They also have a much higher than average level of education. In order to reach people who seemingly “have it all” already, planting a church requires a great deal of financial resources. In addition, experience has shown that it is important to live among the people you are trying to reach. Planting a church in affluent community is often beyond the financial means of a planter by themselves. Partners can help planters afford to do their God-given ministry. To assist financially with a specific church plant, please visit our church planter pages. When you have decided which planter you wish to help, click on that planter’s “Give Now” button and it will take you to our giving site, which will show specific ways you can give to meet the planter’s needs.


If you would prefer to give to church planting in general, or to browse our giving site, please visit


Steve Stroope, pastor of Lake Pointe Church in Rockwall, TX, talks about raising mission support for supporting church planting: