Gracepoint Seattle

Gracepoint Seattle started in 2015 and is located next to the University of Washington, Seattle campus and is a college focused church. With over 43,000 students this campus is a huge community where students from all backgrounds come to learn and set the trajectory for the rest of their lives. Our vision is to form an Acts 2 Community that can reach the lost and disciple believers.

We are part of a larger network of Gracepoint churches that are in California, Texas, Minnesota and Taiwan. Wherever we go, we want to engage in spiritual conversation on the campus through Bible Studies, life groups, apologetic talks, and daily life. The college campus can be a place with a lot of competing voices to the gospel and our hope is to present a clear, cogent and embodied gospel message that can inspire students to live for God.

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gracepoint seattle leadership

Steve and Eunice

Lead Pastor


Pastor Steve and Eunice are the dynamic duo who lead the church at Gracepoint Seattle. They both graduated from the Engineering department at the University of California, Berkeley, but together were called to leave their professions to further God’s kingdom.

With zeal and compassion, they dedicate their lives to ministering to any curious college student that walks through their doors. Steve’s animated personality and Eunice’s witty humor are hallmarks o every one of our gatherings. On any given day at Gracepoint, you can find them planning for our church’s activities, meeting with students on campus, or simply welcoming people into their home.